Head Hurts when I cough

Getting a headache when you are coughing is a common thing, and sometimes the headache may present itself when you bend over. For people who are having a dry cough, or who have had a cold for a long time, such headaches are quite common. [Read More]

Earwig Bite

An earwig has a very painful bite that can cause a wide range of symptoms. Basically, they are not venomous, and only useĀ  their pincers to grip the skin, causing pain and discomfort; the bite is actually a pinch and not a bite. Earwigs are [Read More]

How To Get Rid Of Blood Clot In Eye?

Eyes are fragile and are easily affected by injuries. Blood clots in your eyes occur abruptly and appear as red spots. They may not harmful and would disappear on their own. Blood clots usually develop below the conjunctiva, the outer layer of your eye occasioned [Read More]

Can gas cause chest pain?

Gas can get trapped in your chest as a result of problems in your digestive system. This causes sharp pain in your chest. Normally, gas can accumulate in your stomach and make you feel bloated. This causes pain in your abdomen and it can also [Read More]

Strawberry Tongue

A healthy tongue is typically pinkish in color and consists of a layer or tiny nodules or growth referred to as papillae. Strawberry tongue is a condition marked by occurrence of enlarged and abnormally reddish papillae and taste buds. It is usually caused as a [Read More]

What is Military Neck?

Military neck refers to a condition observed in individuals that have extremely straight necks and therefore, seem to be standing at attention. The condition is a bony deformity that affects the normal curvature of the cervical spine. Normally, the cervical spine is shaped like the [Read More]

Crackling in Ear

Ear crackling is not a normal happening. It can be an indication that there is something wrong with the ears. Even though it is a very common issue, these crackling sounds are quite common and lead to lots of distress and annoyance for the patient. [Read More]


Cephalohematoma is a condition that affects newborns and is marked by hemorrhage beneath the skin, between the periosteum and the skull. The hemorrhage is caused due to rupture of blood vessels that cross the periosteum. It may be noted that the periosteum is the membrane [Read More]

Itchy Tongue

There are many factors that can cause an itchy tongue. The most common causes along with the symptoms and treatment options for the condition are discussed below. Symptoms Some of the common signs and symptoms that accompany an itchy tongue are listed below: The mouth, [Read More]

Diaphragm Pain

The diaphragm is the muscle separating the thorax and the abdomen. It aids in breathing by crating the negative pressure that is required in order to let the lungs expand and inhale oxygen. It is found under the lower ribcage and has a mushroom shape. [Read More]