Waking Up Dizzy

Sensation of lightheadedness, fainting, vertigo, imbalance, and/or unsteadiness is referred to as dizziness. It is an unspecific symptom which can occur as a sign of different underlying conditions. This is one of the reasons why patients need to seek medical attention if they wake up [Read More]

Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a condition marked by a group of rare inherited developmental abnormalities of the tooth and tooth enamel. Affected teeth are very small, pitted, ridged, and very susceptible to rapid wear and cracking/breakage. Amelogenesis imperfecta is currently classified into 4 main types [Read More]

Rotten Egg (Sulfur) Burps

Also called sulfur burps, rotten egg burps refer to burps, or gas removal from mouth, that are smelly like rotten eggs. Such burps are generally a symptom of some underlying condition marked by excessive levels of smelly hydrogen sulfide gas production in the gut. Eating [Read More]

Explosive Diarrhea

Explosive diarrhea is a serious kind of diarrhea marked by extreme urge for frequent bowel movements. Patients keep using the toilet after every few minutes. They keep going in and out of the rest room as if they have no control of the bowel movements. [Read More]

3 weeks Pregnant – What to Know

After conception, at the stage of 3 weeks pregnant, the egg fertilized passes into the uterus and gets imbedded into the uterine wall. It then begins rapidly multiplying into several new cells. Woman who is 3 weeks pregnant will elicit many physical and hormonal changes. [Read More]

Precancerous Moles

Precancerous moles or lesions refer to skin abnormalities marked by some change in certain parts of the skin that may be at risk to developing into skin cancer. They can be said to be anomalies associated with the initial phase of cancer. All precancerous moles [Read More]