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Blood in Urine (Female) – No Pain

The human body dispels nearly 3 million red blood cells from the body via urine on a daily basis. These RBCs are usually dead, old, or inefficiently functioning cells. Sometimes, abnormal levels of RBCs are passed out along with urine. This condition is known as [Read More]

Blood in Urine (Females)

The medical term for the condition of blood in urine is ‘hematuria.’ Women may suffer from blood in urine due to simple causes such as use of certain medicines or as a symptom of some severe underlying disease. It may be noted that old, inefficient, [Read More]


PUPP rash or Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy are hives like rashes that affects women in pregnancy. Even though its symptoms and conditions are extremely uncomfortable there is hardly any risk for the expecting mother and the baby. The rash usually starts with the [Read More]

Milky White Discharge before Period

White discharge before and after periods is considered normal if such discharge is transparent or cloudy white and without any itching or foul smell. The discharge should remain the same; any changes in the consistency, color, and amount is an indication of some abnormality. It [Read More]