Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is widely known as ‘bull nose piercing’. It has not gained much popularity as nose piercing. The piercing is done by making an incision in the wall of cartilage, in between the two nostrils. This style of piercing has traditionally been popular in parts of Asia, especially in the villages. But slowly it is becoming a fashion statement in the world among young girls and boys.

Septum Piercing- Procedure  

Septum piercing is known to be a complicated type of piercing, but if you select a reputed and experienced professional, then this job can be done easily and with less pain. First of all, your nose is cleaned by using an antiseptic and then sterilized needle is used to avoid any kind of infection. Then the needle is inserted into the spot just below the area of the nose cartilage and a piece of fancy jewelry is pushed in the area where the nose has been pierced. And in the final stage, your nose and the spot where your nose is pierced are cleaned.

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Is there pain in septum piercing?

There is pain involved in the procedure though it depends on the tolerance of the person. While some equate it to the pain of a regular ear piercing, others find it even more intense. But then with numbing agents, the pain is not felt.

Septum Piercing – Price

Septum piercing is costlier in comparison to other types of ear or nose piercing. The maximum price is $40 to $50; the range can be a bit different which depends on the professional, shop and jewelry you choose.

Infections and Diseases Caused Due to Septum Piercing

Though septum piercing is a style statement for you, it is a painful procedure and if aftercare is not taken, then many complications may arise. It is true that septum piercing causes many infections and dangerous diseases like Aids and Hepatitis. This happens when the needle is not sterilized. To avoid these diseases, sterilized needles should be used.

Another major risk is that when this particular piercing is done, it may cause a septal hematoma, in which tissues are injured in the septum; this causes nasal congestion, disruption of blood vessels and severe breathing problem. In bad cases, the nose becomes deformed resulting in a ‘saddle nose’.

In most of the cases, swelling and stinky smell may occur if the nose is not cleaned properly after septum piercing. Sometimes bumps are also seen. In such cases, you must take medical help at once. There will be needed to replace a new jewelry and your nose should be cleaned properly.

Septum Piercing – Healing Time

The piercing takes a total of 1 month to 3 months to completely heal, depending on the person. One may experience trouble while blowing the nose and even feel the  area to be itchy during the course of healing.  You might find that the nose is sore to touch.  Having said that if you find the area itchy, it is a sign that the septum piercing is go through a steady healing phase.  But if the itching is accompanied by bad odor or greenish or yellow discharge, it can be a sign of infection.  Good aftercare definitely goes a long way in healing the nose.

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septum piercing

Septum Piercing – Aftercare

To avoid such kind of infection and diseases, proper care is needed after septum piercing. Some precautions should be taken by not touching your pierced nose again and again with dirty hands. Do not use any kind of makeup on that area where the piercing is done because this cause infection and irritation to the skin.

Septum piercing is quite painful but the pain slowly subsides in two to three weeks. The pain is mainly caused because there are several nerves in the septum area and if the needle pierced through the nerves, one is bound to feel extreme pain. That is why it is advisable that septum piercing should be done by an expert who has the proper knowledge and experience.

Here are some aftercare procedures post septum piercing to ward off infection

Use of Salt Water- The most common way to clean is to use salt water. Make a solution of salt water and with the help of cotton dip into the salt water and then apply to the pierced area. This should be done two times in a day for 5 minutes.

Avoid Using Alcohol- If you have done septum piercing, then stop using alcohol. This helps in quick recovery of the pain and other problems. Beauty care products should also be avoided which has alcohol in it because it can cause infection and burning sensation to the skin.

Avoid Using Oil; Balms and Creams- Do not apply any kind of balm, oil, cream because this can clog the piercing hole. This is because when you apply cream or oil, then bacteria are easily trapped and this causes infection. And in case, you feel that your nose is getting dry and cracked, then continue to apply the salt solution with a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Tea tree oil is known to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This oil also has moisture content, which works amazingly on the pierced area and keeps it moisturized and free from infection.

Follow these precautions and proper care whenever you go for a septum piercing, in order to minimize infection and look striking with a flattering piercing on the nose.


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