Signs That Labor Is Near

Every pregnant woman is happy and anxious to meet her little one soon. But at the same time if you are pregnant, then you must be worrying about the signs of labor. The experience to give birth to child is always considered to be different from woman to woman. The signs of labor for a pregnant one may vary for her first one from the subsequent ones.

Signs that labor is approaching

Frequent Urination

A sign of labor is when baby is pushing towards the pelvic bone and the bladder to come out. You may feel like going to toilet more often, but mostly it turns out to be a false alarm.

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Cervix Dilates

At this position your cervix will also make a preparation for giving birth to the new born. The cervix will start to open (dilates) and will thin out (efface) just before few weeks you deliver the baby. This position happens differently to every pregnant woman. It is internally examined by the doctor to measure dilates and effacement.

Increased cramps and back pain

This is another sign of labor when baby makes by her position in your body. You may often feel cramps and pain in lower back in your body. This happens because the head of the baby is pushing pelvic ligaments, stretching and shifting the muscles and joints to make all the preparations to deliver.

The baby drops

At this stage, the pregnant woman feels that baby has dropped to the lower position towards the pelvis. You may feel going to bathroom again and again because the baby is going push your bladder. You will certainly feel easy to breathe as the baby is moving away from the lungs. This happens few weeks before the actual date of labor. This is also known as lightening. You might just feel that your baby head is taking rest in pelvic bone.

Blood pressure

Just before few weeks of going in labor, your blood pressure may go up. Regular check up must be done. Go to your doctor, the blood pressure can be triggered through other reasons too.


At the beginning of the labor, you will feel frequent bowel movement. Or you may have sensation of frequent vomiting. This happens because muscles of the body is relaxing and getting prepared to give birth anytime soon. Keep your body hydrated all the time. It may seem irritating but it is also normal. If the problem is unbearable then, you can check with a doctor.

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Braxton Hicks

signs labor is near

This is also known as false labor contraction. This often occurs in uneven and irregular intervals of time. This is just opposite to true labor contractions which are frequent and occur every six times in an hour which is strong and rhythmic, and in regular intervals


During this stage, the pregnant woman feels crankiness and mood swings. This happens due to hormonal changes. This you will experience just before few weeks or few hours of labor.

Bloody vaginal discharge

You will notice some vaginal discharge just before few weeks and days before you deliver the child. This discharge is thick and pink in color. Often the color also changes from brown to blood in color. This is commonly known as ‘bloody show’. This situation indicates that labor is near and thegood thing about this there is no labor contractions.


Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy you may experienceh acne often occurring on your face. This will happen few weeks of before labor. Of course, in some cases, chocolates have also been the culprit.


You will certainly sleep well just before few weeks to labor. This is common among all pregnant women.

Your water breaks

It is very well known that the fetus is surrounded by the amniotic fluid. The fetus is been developing in this surrounding. The water breaks during last few days of labor in pregnant woman. The baby is said to be at risk because the baby is protective by this fluid and once the water breaks it is very dangerous as baby may get infected.

Shivering and sniffles

Pregnant woman may also get shivering and sniffles when the labor is near. The level of hormones increases in the body just before few days of labor causing runny nose to many women. They may also experience shivering and shaking, even though they do not feel cold. Again this symptom or sign of labor is not common among all pregnant women; this may differ to woman to woman. To alleviate this condition, take a warm shower, do Yoga and get a relaxing, warm massage.

Swelling in the body

In pregnancy your hand and legs will be swollen. The swelling can happen to the lips too.

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